Progressive Government has a Big, Fat Branding Problem

Behind the tactics and the war of words, the differences between Republicans and Democrats all tend to hinge on one thing: The Red guys don’t like Big Government. For progressives like me, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Big Government often means more taxation, yes, but it also means more services, more oversight and the opportunity for a fairer distribution of wealth.

We’ve come to the conclusion that Big Government is a good idea … with a branding problem. Would “fuller figure” or “plus-sized” suit her better? Let’s see what we can learn from the body shaming fight.
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The Lasting Impact of Ephemeral Media

Ten years ago, my colleague called it around 5pm, shut down her computer and gathered her things to leave work. She mused: “I earned $200 today for what is, ostensibly, typing. What a world, eh?”

I laughed at the time but her words stuck with me. She was a newspaper editor and she managed a team of talented reporters but nevertheless, putting out a newspaper is no mean feat. And she did it every week by, ostensibly, typing.

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Why bad Yelp reviews matter to your business

Let’s say you’re running a small soup kitchen in Manhattan. Today, you have to receive and catalog new stock, cook five different soups, pay your staff, order from four different suppliers, take out newspaper ads, serve at the lunchtime rush and … check your Facebook?

Yes, you’re busy. But marketing experts say you can’t afford to ignore social media. This is why.

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Why your Facebook page is suddenly eating it

April 2014 update: There is little good news on the Facebook page front, with a prominent ad agency predicting organic (or unpaid) page reach will soon drop to zero. Read more: Should my nonprofit break up with Facebook?


Facebook dislike button

You’ve noticed it for a couple of months now. Your Facebook page numbers are down. By a lot. Likes are down, engagement is down, referrals to your website have dropped. You wonder if the rumors about a Facebook exodus are correct. You wonder if it’s you.

Don’t worry, page admins – it isn’t you. It’s Facebook. Here’s what is going on.

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