Why your Facebook page is suddenly eating it

April 2014 update: There is little good news on the Facebook page front, with a prominent ad agency predicting organic (or unpaid) page reach will soon drop to zero. Read more: Should my nonprofit break up with Facebook?


Facebook dislike button

You’ve noticed it for a couple of months now. Your Facebook page numbers are down. By a lot. Likes are down, engagement is down, referrals to your website have dropped. You wonder if the rumors about a Facebook exodus are correct. You wonder if it’s you.

Don’t worry, page admins – it isn’t you. It’s Facebook. Here’s what is going on.

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Voting with your tweet


Does the kind of beer you drink or your choice of sport give away your political orientation? If you knew it did, would you hesitate to check in at Friday night’s game?

It seems far-fetched, even Orwellian, but social media data mining was the secret weapon of the 2012 US Presidential election.

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