Not Made to Measure

My boss has a new project for me. The organization’s communications department, which he runs, needs a way to quantify its impact. He asks me if I would kindly develop a framework for measuring our impact and reporting on it. It’s a big job, a complex job; and one that involves a strategic mindset, a knack for puzzling out solutions and a head for numbers. Intrinsically, I have none of these things.

I grin at my boss. “Absolutely,” I say.

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Why bad Yelp reviews matter to your business

Let’s say you’re running a small soup kitchen in Manhattan. Today, you have to receive and catalog new stock, cook five different soups, pay your staff, order from four different suppliers, take out newspaper ads, serve at the lunchtime rush and … check your Facebook?

Yes, you’re busy. But marketing experts say you can’t afford to ignore social media. This is why.

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Voting with your tweet


Does the kind of beer you drink or your choice of sport give away your political orientation? If you knew it did, would you hesitate to check in at Friday night’s game?

It seems far-fetched, even Orwellian, but social media data mining was the secret weapon of the 2012 US Presidential election.

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When your data lets you down


You probably know by now that I’m a bit of a data nerd. I am a big believer in analytics and their power to guide online journalists other content curators to make decisions about what is good content. But the data doesn’t always give you the full picture and you have to join the dots. Here is how.

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