Five Reasons Aliens Have Not Made First Contact

In the Star Trek universe, the date of First Contact with alien life is fast approaching. According to canon, an affable if a little unhinged scientist called Zefram Cochrane will catch the attention of the Vulcans in 2063 with mankind’s first warp drive. There seems to be little argument that there is intelligent life out there, and some of it may be more advanced than us. But have we ever stopped to think that perhaps the little green dudes are maybe just not that into us? Here is why. Read More

Progressive Government has a Big, Fat Branding Problem

Behind the tactics and the war of words, the differences between Republicans and Democrats all tend to hinge on one thing: The Red guys don’t like Big Government. For progressives like me, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Big Government often means more taxation, yes, but it also means more services, more oversight and the opportunity for a fairer distribution of wealth.

We’ve come to the conclusion that Big Government is a good idea … with a branding problem. Would “fuller figure” or “plus-sized” suit her better? Let’s see what we can learn from the body shaming fight.
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Slowly, We Will Come Back Together. And We Will Dance.

One of us posted on Facebook – a message of shock and horror. Another turned to a friend with unending and increasingly angry questions. One waited, watching the news, until the grief hit in the morning of day two. Our reactions were as diverse as our community when we learnt that once again, LGBT people had been attacked.

“49 people? Oh hell…”
“Where? At a club?”
“How? And why?” Read More

The Lasting Impact of Ephemeral Media

Ten years ago, my colleague called it around 5pm, shut down her computer and gathered her things to leave work. She mused: “I earned $200 today for what is, ostensibly, typing. What a world, eh?”

I laughed at the time but her words stuck with me. She was a newspaper editor and she managed a team of talented reporters but nevertheless, putting out a newspaper is no mean feat. And she did it every week by, ostensibly, typing.

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Work – it’s Different for Girls

I recently had cause to ask Google: “How to stop from crying in meetings.” Never mind how this usually well-adjusted, NTEN Award-winning professional with scads of experience and a healthy ego found herself bawling and typing this search phrase on a trans-bay bus; because it doesn’t matter. What matters is that most of us have been in this situation – especially those of us who have vaginas.

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The Business Cost of Flu Martyrs

Ryan’s voice breaks mid-sentence, turning the end of the word “planning” into a strangely plaintive husky whimper. He coughs several times and then blows his nose. He is in a meeting with four others from the organisation, people who sympathize when he makes a small mistake and later, forgets to finish his thought. He sniffles several times, blows his nose again and coughs every few minutes. When the meeting is done, he shakes everyone’s hands and goes back to his desk.

Five days later, his most impactful contribution to the meeting is revealed when everyone present comes down with a cold.
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